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Neo Scavenger review
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Neo Scavenger is a 2D pixel hex turn-based survival game, and it is very realistic, and by realistic I mean that you will die almost all the time and when you are dead then you are dead dead (Permadeath), the longest I survived in the game is 30 ingame days. you first chose your traits and flaws some traits are important like: Strong, Melee, Tough...

flaws can be used to have more points to take more traits. some flaws arent really bad but some are stupid, like i can survive even though i get hungry and thirsty very fast, but I can't survive when basic injuries makes my character pass out.

after choosing your traits and flaws, you'll start in a cryo facillity where you meet a werewolf(Dogmen), your actions depends on your traits. you can kill him if you have melee or strong but if you have both you will destroy him and get a USB with a video of you killing him, but its not all that. You will have some problems and they are:

1: You are naked
Go scavenge for some clothes before you freeze to death and get your loot stolen.
2: You need weapons and items
Scavenge for them or just take a large branch and pray to god you will never meet a Dogmen again, firearms arent cheap so if you found 2 good working firearms, it might be best to sell one. also take shop carts as they're life savers as they allow you to take twice the loot.
3: Hunger and thirst
look for food but dont immediatly eat berries and mushrooms as they can be poisonous(Botany will tell you if their poisonous or edible), meat is also important you can craft traps to trap squirrels and eat them(DONT EAT THEM RAW) and for thirst just because the water you collected from the lake is "poisonous" it doesnt mean its poisonous to you(I mean it could kill you but its worth it)
4: Combat
Everything is turn-based in this game, even combat and the combat isn't like what you probably think, every action is written in text instead of being drawn so you have to use your "IMAGINATION". for example:
"Player attacks Bad Mutha and... hits!"
"Player slashed Bad Mutha's upper leg with a broken bottle"
sometimes attacking is good specially with Looters as they run away most times but dont attack an enemy with an ranged weapon without having a ranged weapon, its basiclly suicide.

There are factions in this game: Bad Muthas, Blue Frogs, Martha's Army, DMC Guards, ATNs.

Its a fun game but its for 15 dollars so you either buy it or "try it before buying it", also there are mods if you want the game to have more items or factions or features. And I don't think I spoiled anything about the game story.
Created on: 1 year ago
14 Posts

for mods I suggest NeoScavExtended and MMOD but dont try to use them both as the game will either will not start or the game get very buggy.
Created on: 1 year ago
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