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Notion Driver
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A few months ago, I decided that in the month of June, I would try and make an entire game within a month.
Due to my school business, final exams, and all that, finishing ManiaTrucks was a bit of a mouthful next to studying, but I managed to release it nonetheless.

That game I planned for this month is dubbed "Notion Driver". Basically, it's a career-driven racing game, where you start out from nothing, buy yourself a car, and some parts, compete in events for rewards, get better cars, better parts, and so on. It resembles how you would progress in older Gran Turismo games.

There is a level system, which dictates what cars and parts you buy. You earn XP by completing events, which in return grants higher levels.
Parts are split up into 5 tiers, and there are a lot of different parts, like engines (I4, V6, V12, etc.), transmissions (4-Speed, 5-Speed, etc.), turbos, tires, chassis, and so on. The cars have given part slots for these parts, where you can equip these parts, although at first, you won't have all slots unlocked, you have to upgrade the car itself for that. This item system somewhat resembles games such as Kaido Racer 2.

Events can range from single races to multiple race tournaments, with different race types, such as Lap Races, Time Attacks, Lap Attacks (kinda like time attacks, except every lap, you get a different time goal to hit), and Endurance races.

I'm currently in the middle of development. The car itself drives relatively well, as it has an improved version of ManiaTrucks' code, and the weather system is also somewhat functional (but not entirely finished), but the actual races and events are not sorted out yet (although I currently am in the progress of making those systems). Cars can be bought and equipped with parts, and parts can be bought, sold, and equipped. The career is automatically saved, is loaded without issue, and you can have up to 3 save slots.

Screenshots are from a few days ago, so they might not represent the current state of the game.

More information coming soon!
Created on: 1 year ago
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