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3D Rad v722 Rich Discord Presence Plugin
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Hello everyone. I just finished another plugin, that lets you use Discord's Rich Presence.

Initially, this project was abandoned 2 years ago, because I've made some trivial mistakes, like not properly exposing functions to 3D Rad, and not setting the DiscordRichPresence fields (i memset'd the struct to 0, but I forgot to set the fields lol).

I've uploaded a test compiled project in GitHub (the test project contains the source project, that you can use as example and reference), and the binaries in GitHub.

Documentation (WILL FINISH LATER): https://github.com/NicusorN5/3DRad-Rich-Discord-Presence/wiki

Release: https://github.com/NicusorN5/3DRad-Rich-Discord-Presence/releases/tag/1.0.0

Below are two images showcasing the demo project and a usage example of the plugin.
Created on: 9 months ago
Edited on: 9 months ago
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