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Street Legal is getting and updated re-release!
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I feel like I'm spamming the forum a bit today, but Invictus Games, the Hungarian game developer team based in Debrecen, made a new Steam page for a new project of theirs called "Street Legal 1: REVision". The game is set to release in Late 2021 sometime. I'm quite hyped for it, and probably will buy it on release date, just to support them, but the game is definitely going to be fun in the usual Invictus way!

Street Legal is a racing game, you buy a car, fix it, tune it, race it, trash it, repeat. It's pretty open-ended, and it's still pretty realistic to an extent. You can take the car apart completely, switch the parts out, put it back together, boom. Customization is epic, and the game too!

Steam page:

I read a bit into the page of Street Legal Racing Redline (A licensed modification/updated release) because of this, and it seems like that some sort of team updated the game and released it on Steam with the help of Invictus? Because there is no possible way that you could have a trollface as a car sticker if a respected game developer company made the game through and through (in 2003/2004)!

Anyways, Street Legal 1: REVision is the original Street Legal, except the boys in Debrecen are also adding some updates and new features. They mentioned widescreen resolutions, a first-person walking mode, and nighttime driving. The game looks pretty interesting since it's the original game, that wasn't available anywhere online before (except if you pirated it from somewhere, which I didn't do).

Did anyone in here play this game? The little footage I was able to find was either of a modded version or some kid recording it with his phone lol. Can't wait to get my hands on the game either way!

All we need now is for them to release L.A. Street Racing on Steam as well
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