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3DRadSpace v0.0.3a development status, TODO's and plans
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Hello, as you have noticed 3DRadSpace v0.0.3a didn't release as early as expected. So I'm going to provide a list of things that I have to finish with the engine:
(Ordered by priority)
-- Fix the Skybox drawing (for some reason it's only a single color being used, possible bad UV mapping) + possible issues with the skybox shader. Fix bad UV mapping by remaking the model. (Screw the UVs, I give up.)
Detail: Shader works fine on different projects.
Detail 2: Using BasicEffect shader makes the model look too dark...
I had to set the vertex colors to white.
-- Finish creating the FPVCamera object (Planned for 0.0.4a)

Non coding related:
-- Create tutorials after release of 0.0.3a
-- Create two example games : a 3D platformer, and a 2D platformer
Created on: 1 year ago
Edited on: 1 year ago
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