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How 3DRadSpace first public apha is going to be
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Hello there, 3DRadSpace's first public alpha is very close to releasing, so there are the plans  on how it will be:

    1.) Weekly releases: these will include (ordered by priority) :
        * Bugfixes and improvments
        * Features
        * Example projects

    2.) Releases will be published on GitHub and on this forum as new threads.
        NOTE: Autoupdater, even implemented, it won't be used.

    3.) The testing will end on 2 months after initial release.

    4.) Initial release ETA is on the first day of the next month.

    5.) Reporting bugs can be done only by posting here and on the discord server channel.

These are the plans for the 1st public alpha. Have a good day.
Created on: 1 year ago
Edited on: 1 year ago
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