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The coronavirus
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Saw mention about this.

The virus is bad and spreading like wildfire solely because if you get it, you become infectious for 2 weeks and probably will only have symptoms that suggest you have a cold or flue.

This allows you to all but ignore it and spread it to friends family & acquaintances.

There have been a number of deaths, but they say its mostly elderly and with other serious health concerns.. italy for instance has a large death toll but also has a very elderly population.

What this all means, is if you get  cold or flue like symptoms right now, self quarantine for 2  weeks to allow the virus to either become much worse or it turns out to be just a cold or flue.

If your symptoms get worse after 2 weeks then visit the hospital.

Limiting your personal contact with others right now is probably a  very good thing to do to help limit the spread, even more important if your over 65..

If your younger but relatively healthy, still limit personal contact where possible to help fight the spread.

This does not mean we need to horde supplies expecting the world to end and become hobbits.

Also, a lot of effort is happening right now to find a vaccine ... so hope for all may be right around the corner.

PS  stop shaking peoples hands and nor more kissing cheeks , you mite wanna stop "ass kissing too" 😁
Created on: 3 weeks ago
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1.) The specific symptom is only the shortness of breath. And it appears suddently.

2.) And a vaccine is already made, it just needs all this legal stuff to be made.
Created on: 3 weeks ago
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