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Wrestling is real (playtesting)
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i hope it isn't a problem if i create a separate thread for this but i didn't want this to fall off the radar

i've published a playable version of wrestling is real, my first serious unity project
its still a big work in progress but at this point it should be functional enough to not fall apart instantly
all feedback is welcome!
Created on: 2 years ago
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can't seem to find the other thread so here it is
i'm making a remaster of the game, i made a video going on about the details in case you're interested

sorry for not hanging in the discord, i really don't like that place by principle, you guys are cool
Created on: 5 months ago
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Hi mate, I watched your video. You seem very enthusiastic about this project, you have ideas you'd like to begin working on and you're very clearly motivated to make it happen!

Good luck and I can't wait to see development continue

Since you're targeting PC, Mac & Linux... I'd say go for URP, you will see more features and better overall quality. Especially if you can utilize Shader Graph
Created on: 5 months ago
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Created on: 4 months ago
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Good day everyone! Today i'm showing to you my third devlog dedicated to the Wrestling is Real remaster that i've been working on! Finishing the development of 30 Days to be the Best made me realize many things, which will all be shown in this video, hope you like it!

I've also updated 30 Days to be the Best, making it hopefully more accessible to new players, and fixing a couple of things here and there! So why don't you give it a shot? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1908490/30_Days_to_be_the_Best/
Created on: 3 months ago
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Hey there, even this month i can finally bring to you my monthly devlog update! This time with a twist!
Other than with my videos, from now on i decided to document my updates even in a forum of my creation, which you can find here  https://skullfracture.forumfree.it
because i really, REALLY dislike Discord.
usually i'd just like the devlog thread from there but i like u guys too much to shill a link so i'll just post everything here

Things fixed:
-Countdown won't start after the end of a round in a match where you selected no time limit.
-You can't pause the game after the game over screen shows up.
-All arenas and skyboxes are properly rendered again.
-Jumping is 100% consistent again.
-Each arena now has its own music again.
-Some models have been slightly improved.
-The title screen features the correct title.
-Some sound effects have been tweaked.
-Minor aesthetic improvements.
-Replaced Discord link with the one for this forum.
-Some minor bugs within the interface and the sound system.
-Upgrades and downgrades will be reset after each round.

New stuff:
-Critical hits implemented! Depending on the character they have different chances of happening and different attack increases.
-Some characters will lack certain features in favour of higher statistics.
-You can change the name of your profile.
-You can see the online w/l record on the main menu.
-You can see the local w/l record on the game over screen.
-Icons and sprites for most game options have been added.
-A background video has been added to the main menu.
-A new loading screen has been added.
-Punches and slams will feature proper lighting.
-Some minor post processing effects have been added.

Things i'll do for next update:
-Add visual indicators to keep track of upgrades and downgrades.
-Improve the AI for the backround video.
-Improve shadows, lighting and post-processing effects.
-Finalize a cutscene template.
-Finalize an AI battle template.
-Add text to indicate ring post type in main menu.
-Draw the sprites for each character.
Created on: 2 months ago
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I'm happy to see you added Post Processing, it makes a big difference doesn't it?

It's coming along nicely, good job mate.
Created on: 1 month ago
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