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Some interesting thingies I want to try out
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Hi guys . i found an interesting page on the web . I was wondering if anyone knows about these things.


this one is the development and intergration of an advance script editor for 3d rad. the last news from this post suggests that this advanced script editor was suggested to have been intergrated into 3d rad. but ive never come accross this in 3d rad. unless i just dont know how to identify it.


this one is more for asset development, using 3ds max. its a forum post of guys helping eachother to get the coordinates of a spline created in 3ds max, and then save those coordinates to a txt file. the reason i searched this is becasue i would love to draw a spline in max and then export the coordintes to  text which i can then ,hopefully, use with the path object in 3d rad. so far i havent tested these methods or anything like that. maybe there is already a way to use the path object in 3d rad in a more design friendly way, other than inputing coordinates.

Incase you are wondering why i want to do this . its becasue i just watched this Unity demo :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQZobAhgayA                               (The Heretic)

I want to try and fake the spline visuals and movements that they do , inside 3d rad. well if anyone is interested in this idea, well then good luck!!!  and please let me know how far you got with this incredibly ballzy and daring idea.

Laterz yo!
Created on: 1 month ago
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I think I saw the script editor before...
Created on: 1 month ago
Edited on: 1 month ago
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Hi Kulu, The path object uses spline type features to give a smooth path motion.

In my experience I found a tight bends do not work well so I would position more vector points around the bends to force better smoothing of the bends.

Another way is to just position objects as vector points of the bend and script a path following camera to follow it. The script can then use the interpolate function to smooth the bends.

Hope this is of some help


P.S. Been away for some time just got home, now self isolating to avoid COVID-19. Not so bad can do more computer work.
Created on: 2 weeks ago
Edited on: 2 weeks ago
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Well. I guess I was just thinking to hard, and not thinking smart......shucks.......thanks niron
Created on: 1 week ago
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