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3DRadSpace First Alpha Release is getting delayed
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Hello there, as you have read the title, 3DRadSpace's first alpha is getting delayed, mostly because of my bad priority order (I had some other projects related to programming) ,some high school projects, and because of the issues I got recently with some persons IRL.
   I initially set the date to the end of this month, because I expected to get no problems that will interrupt/ slow down the developing. I was totally wrong.
  If you are asking for a new date, it is at the end of next month. This time I PROMISE I won't miss this deadline.
  If I were to release the first alpha the next few days, it will get missing features and more bugs...

   Right now, the only things that need to be done are: Adding buttons that move objects into the editor, 2D/3D modes into the editor, and few more game objects. And adding objects is time consuming, because of the saving/loading system.

   Anyone that is interested in a more detailed approximation of 3DRadSpace's development status, take a look there: https://github.com/orgs/3DRadSpace/projects

   In the next approximate 2 weeks, I will post more detailed posts about how the testing will be structured.

  Now, as a conclusion, I'm sorry for delaying 3DRadSpace's first alpha, it makes me feel very unconfortable.
Anyway, have a good day for your attention.
Created on: 1 year ago
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Take your time man, gives you a chance to let less things break on launch...
Created on: 1 year ago
Edited on: 1 year ago
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NNNNO  don't take your time, HURRY up.. we want it YESTERDAY.. god damn developers.. i tell ya, if i had half i mind i would finish it myself....  unfortunately i only have a quarter of a mind .... 😱
Created on: 1 year ago
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