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Rigidbody/ Terrain crash and camera falling through
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Guys, good night!

I've been using 3drad 7.22 on a kind of a "simple", yet full of things project for college.
The problem is that at a certain time during the programming, the static rigidbody used as terrain stops working runtime and the camera falls through it. When I enter its config box and check "ok", the next run is normal. But as soon as i exit and run again, the problem is always there!
I even used the terrain object, but the problem persists with this one. Visibly it's not about the model, but the application itself.
I tried to reinstall the 3drad 7.22, change project save file, name... but no progress! The problem is happening all the time.

Does anyone have a solution to this?
I apreciate your help!
Created on: 7 months ago
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Yes it IS one of your models, when you say the camera falls through it, you do realize the camera it's self has no collision options.

When a rigidbody model works as you suggest, its probably the model you're using, and it's to complex and is confusing 3drad.

the best way to test this is to save your project as a test model and change the terrain to one of 3drads default terrains and re-test.

If your still having issues, you'll need to be more specific about your model, cause just saying " the camera falls through it" tells us nothing about your project or its models or how things are setup.
Created on: 7 months ago
Edited on: 7 months ago
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