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About the future of 3DFoundry (BACK UP at 3dfoundry.net)
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It's been a while guys, what's up? Does anybody still use forums nowadays, thats the question

Because of the placement of the server, I might need to close 3DFoundry within the next couple weeks as it's running on a server I no longer can or have any interest of keeping running.

That being said, I have gotten the help of the archive.org team to archive the site in its entirety. Before I take it offline, we're making sure that 100% of the page is kept in safe hands for years to come.

Better still, if anybody has the ability to host the entire website and domain, I'll gladly allow you to use all of the files and host it yourself. Just send me a PM on this if you're interested.

Best regards
Created on: 15 Jan, 2020 (08:12)
Edited on: 9 months ago
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Well, I'm here...I guess, and some other smaller fellas. But there's literally no traffic from the "upperclassmen" around here lately. It's mostly just the "small-time" users left. I'm glad that at least some people still try to do something here, like Nuska asking for help or Athanatos making a post about 3DRadSpace for instance. I tried it but as always, nothing came out of trying to post anything so I deleted it, no one lost any value lmao. Dunno what the hell is going on lately. You know, the hate things and stuff, and everything else weird. But yeah, in my opinion, this place ain't dead, just eerie.

It also just clicked for me what you meant by 3DFoundry. It's the help site of this site. Like...its just text, some helping images, and tables, right? I'm pretty sure it can be recreated on one extra page. It can't be that hard, right? I'm pretty sure it's not rocket science or anything. Maybe you should ask someone to PORT OVER the things from there to here? Or even better, ask for permission to get some editor roles or something, and edit in that part of the site by yourself. You can do it probably multiple ways.

EDIT: Aww shit...This just ain't a help site. It's an entire database of past versions of multiple websites (probably also including several other 3DRad related files). Well, this is much bigger than I thought It is. I can't help out, not because I don't want, but because I cant. I hav no moni
And also, because if my bad rep around here, If I would host it, It would definitely bring bad shit to the work YOU did.

EDIT2: Ah yes, the City Traffic addon for 3DRad! That was a cool thing. We gotta do something if we don't want important 3DRad stuff to just go poof.
Created on: 16 Jan, 2020 (13:43)
Edited on: 16 Jan, 2020 (13:54)
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I would love to help out, but I know very little about web-related things.
Created on: 16 Jan, 2020 (18:14)
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Ok so I've made an archive and uploaded it to archive.org, it can be accessed from the link below

Go for it lads, download it and do whatever you guys want to do with it.
Created on: 23 Jan, 2020 (09:38)
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3 years changes a lot...

Thanks to pretty much all of the other sites that once hosted this content going dead or deleting content, I have resurrected this from the archive I so thoughtfully provided. I have also purchased a new domain - 3dfoundry.net

Please visit the site as you need. As its co-located with my personal site, its not going anywhere anytime soon

I have also updated the Useful links page pointing here as needed.

Created on: 9 months ago
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