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EEVEE Render with crazy music!! "all day alone in her room"
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Hi guys. I made a little music video in Blender 2.8. Well I started the project in 2.79 , but moved over the 2.8 after the final release.

So the theme is "teen age years", and "spending all day in the room alone" . Yes we have all been there at one time or another. Well that was the only theme , and what i wanted was to show someone dancing to music.

Well i didnt use any dance references as you can see. but I think some of the movements seem natural enough to be believable. originally I wanted this to be a cycles render , but that was out of reach since I had to render 14 000 frames. so i tried EEVEE. 5 sec per render , and it took about 21 hours to render the whole sequence.

the music is my own , done in fruity loops.

Yay!! Blender!! all comments welcome!!
Created on: 2 years ago
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