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ScreenSaver from a 3drad v7.22 Project
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For the quick & dirty process, jump to #6.

Create your project in 3drad -

#1 - If a mouse cursor is needed run time then be sure to add a mouse sprite
and in its settings box, enable "[X] Work as full screen mouse pointer"

#2 - Be sure to allow either the default [ESC] button or what ever button you have
setup (say with an ExitFade object) to close the project back to windows.
Screensavers don't close or exit  by default, your project has to do this,

#3 - 3drad doesn't include a command line parser to read any passed variable to it.
this means the normal "configure" & "test" screensaver options only run
your project as normal, this means you need to add the configuration
options into the project as any normal 3drad project would have,
if required.

#4 - NOT REQUIRED but makes the process more streamlined is to configure the
project to startup without the configuration box showing up first by presetting

#5 - Set your project to run full screen, all though this isn't required either for

#6 - Compile your project as normal, then rename your project with a .scr extention
[example] - boatdemo.exe becomes boatdemo.scr

#7 - Right click on the boatdemo.scr file and click "Install".

#8 - Then finally, setup you screensaver waitime options and enjoy.

NOTE: Your project, unlike normal screensavers, can allow the user to interact with
a project just as any normal 3drad project does, only exiting when the ESC or
what ever key / process you have setup ends the project.
This can even work with multi-player projects and even split screen ones.
Created on: 3 months ago
Edited on: 3 months ago
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This is quite neat, a simple spinning object is all I'd imagine most would want from this method though
Created on: 3 months ago
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Well interesting thing.. it seems that just setting a 3drad project as the screen saver wont "stick" once you disable your screesaver then reboot...  I think whats going on here is the project needs to have its files in the proper windows directory for windows to recognize & keep it listed as a SS choice... I'll need to research this and see what i can find out.   As a side note.. older 3drad versions like v5.2 & prior had a SS process build in.. part of its process involved copying the whole directory & files to the proper location.. it seems that with newer windows versions the exact process has changed somewhat and also... if you have 3drad v5.2 or earlier don't use the SS option.. it may not work quiet right and waste a lot of space... i tried it and ended up copying 5G worth of windows files that shouldn't have been copied.. don't know what happened there, but i had to delete all the extra directories to get back over 5G worth of space..  when / if i figure out what 3drad needs for proper SS installation, i'll post back here with the details.  EDIT also if you didn't know, SS's arent required on newer LCD monitors. SS's back in the day were almost required due to old monitors suffering "burn-in" from displaying the same image for long periods of time sometimes even being left on 24/7 in companies offices eve when not in use.. this caused "burn-in" where the monitor had a ghost like image of the screen burnt into the display phosphorus that could even be seen when the monitor was turned off.. new LCD etc monitors don't use phosphorous displays anymore and cant suffer "burn-in" either.. so SS's arent required anymore,  also SS's back in the day were designed to have moving or changing images to reduce the burn-in effect... now a days, SS's are only a visual thing and a much better idea is to turn off your display if not in use to save power & money.. something that would have been a far better idea back in the day as wel.. which seemed to elude most people / companies and jump started the whole SS industry..
Created on: 3 months ago
Edited on: 3 months ago
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So heres what i found.. to properly install a 3drad project as a screensaver, you need to first copy your main compiled directory files into your windows\system32 directory, also copy all sub directories into this same windows\system32 directory, then right click the .scr project file and sellect "install"  you should end up with a working screesaver project.

The downside to this is it's kind of messy, properly designed screensavers ussually have all their resource files built into one single file, that may even have a builtin zipup & unzip process for those resources to keep things small and tidy and eveen some come with builtin install/uninstall process's.

So it's highly recommended to use an installer package for your 3drad package to keep things a little more tidy and allow uninstalling too.

There may be a process to allow zip file projects to be used too..  just be sure to install to the windows\system32 directory.. there are reports that some SS's are being installed into the wrong directories.

I'm unsure if this also applies to win10, i haven't tried, and wouldn't be surprised if win10 needed another setup step or option.
Created on: 3 months ago
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