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Windows update issue & scam-baiting
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It seems tons of people are having issues getting windows update to work on earlier pre win10 computers... me too.

So for my scam-baiters experiment i decided to get out my UM810 Micro computer and creat a virtual machine from it for scam-baiting.

Tried to use windows update, kept getting an error " windows cant check for updates " or similar.

Very weird cause IE connects to the internet and i keep getting security certificate errors, even for MS websites.... say what....

This computer updated last march with no problems.

Turns out the issue was the computer date & month were wrong... That's a BIOS battery issue that allows the dates etc to get messed up when the battery is dying.

The fix was simply to update the clock and date, and bobs your uncle, windows update works and so do web browsing without security warnings on everything.

Also, i am having update issue on my other windows machine that i was going to use first for the VM image, i haven't checked its clock yet, i'm betting its also having battery issues..

Its actually better i think to use the UM810 for this because its smaller and a cleaner install, just the basic win7 setup which allows the VM image to also be smaller to begin with.

Once the VM image is created, it can be used just like a real windows setup.

The stoopid thing is, i've had these BIOS battery issues in past years, you'd think i would learn from this at some point :P
Created on: 3 years ago
Edited on: 3 years ago
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