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My upcoming games
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Hello! I want to write about the two games I have been working on lately, an almost demo ready game, and a work in progress one with only some features implemented.

Both these games are running on the Unity - Personal Edition engine.

Disclaimer: As a guy who "makes" and plays games (most of us do), some people might find my style and look of games weird. Im the one who looks at them from a totally different perspective :P Anyways, here are the two games.


HeavyTime is an arcade-style FPS shooter which plays like modern indie games but feels like 90's arcade machine games. The game focuses on slow-motion and heavy bullet physics, meaning after firing a shot, you can pick up the very same bullet afterward. Theres also a time limit you have to watch out for.

The game in its current status includes only 1 gamemode, 4 levels and 6 weapons, but it will expand as "development" goes on.

The only gamemode available is "Crate Crusher" (also known ingame as Box Crusher). The goal is simple: destroy all crates before the time runs out.

The only way of unlocking weapons is to win events and collect as many wins as possible. After a set amount of wins, a new weapon is awarded for your hard work. The type of weapons are the following:

- Pistol: .850 Revolver
- Shotgun: TOZ-154
- Rifle: SKT-42 (AMD 65, a rare AK variant cut from the game (for now))
- Heavy: SAGL, M560, Gauss 62

A little guessing game for you guys: Try to guess what "SAGL" means! :P (Its an acronym)

Upcoming features: (Still unknown when these features will get implemented, or if they will be)
- Skills (+20% movement speed, +10% max ammo ect.)
- More weapons (Black Kite, SPAS-12, MN91/300 Mosin Nagant and many others)
- More gamemodes (Training, Tutorial, 1v1 ect)
- More secrets

The demo of the game was supposed to get released on this website 2 weeks ago, but it has been cancelled due to lack of features and content. It will be released in a week or two, so stay tuned for it!

Lets move onto the next game. (Keep in mind: This game is still in very early development, and thus sharing any photographs of it is not possible at the time of making this thread. Thank you!)

Nucleoid - Facility of Nuclearism Fate:

Nucleoid focuses on First Person Survival Horror, and is based on a real life catastrophe, we all know which one. This time, the facility has been badly damaged by the overheating of Core 3. You, as the main protagonist, work there as an engineer. An explosion of the core caused many death and high damages to the building, radiation has spread all over the workspace. You somehow managed to survive. Having only 3 days to escape before the radioation eats you alive, or the building collapses on itelsf, you decide to somehow escape this man made hell.

As a usual survival game, you have some stats that effect your character, a lot. Thirst, hunger, radiation, psyonic and health. All important in this game. You can find fresh water, but not everywhere, and canned goods are an option of survival. Many items help you to stay alive: gas mask, flashlight, bottle, crowbar, keycards for doors, and many others.

You can also find notes scattered all over the facility. By opening your inventory with [Tab], you can use items, read notes and check player statistics.

I cant really talk about present stuff ingame right now, because I only started making it a few days ago, but its already pretty good. The above features are being formed, and a cool ambience randomizer has been added too, which I really really like!

Here are some screenshots of HeavyTime's current state! (Small hint for guessing game: SAGL makes a boom-boom)
Created on: 6 days ago
Edited on: 6 days ago
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I can help with the models. I don't really have anything to do atm
Created on: 5 days ago
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Thats very very very nice to hear, thank you! I was never really a guy to use 3rd party software to create models for games, always went the easy way. Of course, I have a book I can learn using Blender from, and I should. Maybe we could make some assets for the game sometime.
Created on: 5 days ago
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Pro Tip - Don't EVER try to learn Blender from a book. It's a free and open source software that's evolving at a rapid pace and, if that wasn't worse, its impossible to learn Blender (let's say Blender 2.79) with a book/tutorial/video about an older version of Blender (say 2.5) as backward compatibility seems to break with a new update.
Created on: 4 days ago
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