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Imposter issues
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Is it possible to mouse click to identify an imposter rigidbody and if so how ?
Created on: 2 months ago
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I found the answer using this script function:

bool iSpherePicked(Vector3,float,OBJ_X,Vector3);
        Return true if the specified sphere is pointed by the mouse.
        Vector3 = sphere center, world-relative coordinates.
        float = sphere radius
        OBJ_X = camera object (rendering window) to be used as a reference.
        Vector3 = when the function returns true, this variable contains
         the world-relative coordinates of the point indicated by
                the mouse, on the sphere surface.

The process is to use a loop and locate the "sphere" to the same location of each imposter ( use iImposterGet() ), if the function returns true, then the mouse is pointing to the sphere & the imposter at that location too.

Its not a perfect solution because, if the imposter object is square and the test sphere is round, parts of the imposter could be missed or if 2 imposters are side by side, the test sphere  location mite overlap the imposter location beside it.

This is a simple solution, but needs improvement.
Created on: 2 months ago
Edited on: 2 months ago
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Now that i have the basics of imposter selecting worked out, im looking for 21 128x128 textures to be used for my candycrush clone project.

20 for the squares & 1 for the frame.

If somebody wants to help out, that would great, there's no pay in it, but i will give credit to you in project.

I don't and wont except clones of commercial candycrush project graphics, these textures need to be original and somewhat simple in design just like candycrush... they can be abstract or other real world type objects.

Anyone submitting these textures, please don't be offended if i don't except your designs, if more then one person helps, i may mix those collections together.. we'll see.

And they need to be done by tomorrow I'M KIDDING..

The project so far only has half of the mechanics worked out and will be a while before its finished because i'm not rushing.

Here's a preview of the 5x5 game board, there will be a 10x10 and maybe 20x10, we'll see.

You can upload the images in a zip file here to the forum, in whatever archive type you like.
Created on: 2 months ago
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