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Game Reviews 4 - Enthusia
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The full name of the game: Enthusia Professional Racing (didnt fit in the title :P)
This is a pretty old racing game, and a fun one too!

So, how did this whole thing start out? This game was released by Konami in 2005. Yup, Konami made a racing game for the PS2! This is why the game is going to be a bit weird. Another game I know that was a one-off try of "Let see how can we build a game that is different from our other works" is Auto Modellista. That game was awesome too! (review coming soon)

So you start up the game, you immediately get hit in the face with some Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control setting, after that a very cool intro and that you shouldnt drive like this in real life, sure thing! Then you get into the main menu. Ap pretty straight forward menu, I gotta say that.You have modes like:
- Enthusia Life, the core gameplay, this is where you unlock cars and tracks
- Time Attack, its time attack
- Free Racing, choose any car and track and have some fun
- Driving Revolution, its kinda like the Gran Turismo license tests, but these ones arent required for Enthusia Life, they are just some fun extra challenges, but 100 times more difficult

Enthusia Life:

This is the main gamemode of the game. You get to pick 12 of the beggining cars, including a Nissan March, Mazda Cosmo (cant go wrong with that), and a Mini Cooper? Yeah, you get pretty slow cars, just like in many other game.There are also car classes for F - A + R. The higher the rank, the better the preformance...well, sometimes. As you see, you have no currency in the game. You have ranking points, skill leven and ENTHUSIA POINTS. These points are not awarded, but taken away in the action of the race. Driving off course, hitting wals or cars will result in a penalty of reduced Enthus Points. The more you drive like a maniac, the more points you lose, so try not to hit anything. There are also ODDS in every race. Let me explain:

Driven car: Subaru Impreza 22B STI
Enemy 1: Bugatti EB110
Enemy 2: Citroen Saxo VTS
Enemy 3: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI TME Edition

So, the ODDS for this race cuold be high (because of the EB110), could be low (Saxo) or pretty average (Evo VI). The ODDS for this race is around 3.7 ~ 4.3. And where to you begin on the grid on this 4 car race? 2nd. Why? Let me explain this too. the stronger your car, the bigger change you have to win a race, correct? So if you have a Mazda 787B and you race against Citroen 2CVs, you will be on the last place grid, because you will blow them away. But the other way around, if you sit in a Citroen, you might be on first place grid. THE HIGHER ODDS THE CAR HAS TO WIN THE RACE, THE LOWER IT IS ON THE GRID. Also these stronger cars have a smaller ODDS value, so the Impreza from earlier has a whopping 4.5, the Lancer 2.5, the EB110 1.5, and the Citroen 9.

Of course, the harder the race, the more points you get to advance. So if I race in a car that has almost no chance of winning, and I do maybe a 4TH or 3RD place, I score a hella lot of points because of the multiplier.
The game also helps us here with its built-in guide:

Ranking Points:  The ranking points are acquired in each race are determined by: ranking result * race grade * odds
Race Grade: Each race has a minimum ranking to enter. Ranking points differ between 10 to 500 points so we recommend joining the race with the highest grade possible
Odds: You can choose favourite and win conservatively but high ranking points can be earned even with the long shot make it to 4TH place in the race
Grid: The cars with higher odds are on the extreme left. This is also the order of the starting grid, Dont worry if your car is last. This means that your car has the most ability to compete in this race

As this guide says, its a REALLY difficult to understand system at first, but as you play more, you get used to it.
At the end of every race, where you score a position 4TH or better, you get a chance to win one of the other cars in the race you havent already unlocked.This is how you unlock cars in the game, there is no currency, remember?

Racing is just straight up racing, but it can get really intense when you are fighting against some high rank opponent in a crappy car!

Easter egg: On the main menu on the bottom left corener, you see a little window, it shows the track name, length and a picture took in action. Its blurry but cool!

So, what do I think? Well, a year ago when I last played this, its was so frustrating for me that I couldnt play the game normally, just because I sucked, I thought that this was the worst racing game on the PS2, just because its difficulty. But now when i played it again, I loved it! Its such a good game, Its unbelieveable that I hated this thing back then!

Visual: Still looks really good!
Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Do I recommend this game to other PS2 players? Of course! Hey, if YOU have a PS2, go get this game real fast, because if not, you  are gonna miss out on a great racing game!

I know, I didnt cover all of the game, but if I wrote a whole book about it, who would read it? Play the game instead and see for yourself
Created on: 02 Jul, 2018 (10:54)
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