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The hungarian sitcom, Mézga Family
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I dont think I ever heard anyone talk about this legendary animated sitcom, so here I go.

Simpsons VS Family Guy. You might have saw at least one video or article about this, talking about what is similar in the two, and that maybe Family Guys creator got inspiration for Simpsons. Welp, Famaily Guy came out in 1997, the Simpsons in 1989, But there is something EVEN OLDER.

Mézga Családs (Mézga Family) first episode was released in 1968, with 4 seasons and 41 episodes (52 was planned). Yup, its really old, but its great, just read some more!

So here is my theory: Mézgas VS Simpsons

Literally, I can proudly say that maybe the creators of Simpsons got some ideas from our sitcom, which is great! Literally, in the family we have a father (Géza), a mother (Paula), an older sister (Kriszta), a smaller brother (Aladár), and a dog (Blöki). Whats the most interesting thing is, that Aladár, the smallest kid, is a genious, and his WHITE dog CAN SPEAK, and LOVES TO READ. Sounds familiar, right? Isnt that Stewie and Brian? Yup. But Stewie and Brian also can travel in time with a time machine. HAH! Mézga Family also has that! TWICE! There are special episodes where Aladár with his dog explores the whole universe with the rocketship he built! Really interesting! Im gonna tell the other one now:

So, lets jump back to Season 1 Episode 1. Whats going on? Aladár "breaks" the television and gets rid of stuff that he will need for the radio. Of course, the family members, except Géza, Blöki and Aladár, goes to their neighbour Máris, to watch the TV show. But Aladár created a "supermachine". With this radio, they could go so far into the future, that they could talk to Gézas 30TH CENTURY SON, im not kidding! The whole show from there is kinda like this: Sometimes they call "MZ/X", who appearently can only speak "Neohungarian", he literally says the first tag of every word instead of the whole word. Really hard to understand:

öt-köb = öt a köbön = 125 (Thats how old MZ/X is)
ak nyav = Akarja a nyavalya!
marhabarom = Maradéktalanul hallak, barátom, rokonom. (This is the best one xD)

(I Know its hungarian and you guys dont understand it but just look at the letters in the old/new words and you will understand it.)

Joseph Romhányi created this language called "New-Hungarian" just for this one TV show. Impressive ang great! Okay, back to the weird future guy!

He has the great technology to send them stuff that might help them, or not. Sometimes it doesnt work out, happens!

There is also a season where the whole family + their neighbour "Máris" is travelling around the whole world (with of course a ton of trouble, remember its still 65, communism is still there).

So in short, whats the whole point of the cartoon? To show how does a Hungarian family lives at that time in a funny way. (Its also funny that what it shows is still pretty common in todays families)

Its really good, I recommend you to watch at least the first episode!

Turn on the english subtitles, its a really accurate translation!

(Yup, i forgot to mention many things, but i dont want to write too much, cuz then no one would read it
Created on: 21 Jun, 2018 (08:07)
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