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1992 Spire Oscarein Hypercar
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Okay, so this is one of the cars I made in Automation. Its a car company tycoon, you can literally make anything in the sandbox mode.

So, this car called the "Oscarein" is a hypercar made for the racetrack, not for the streets, thus its pretty much not road legal. It kinda looks like a Mazda 787B, but that car is one of the greatest rotary engine racecar ever made. There are also two versions of the same car, both RWD and AWD models are available for purchase. Onto the stats!

Type: 2-Door 1 Seat
Chassis: Carbon Fibre / Fibre Glass
Drivetrain: Mid Longitudinal RWD / Mid Longitudinal AWD --> MR / MAWD
Gearbox: 5 Speed Manual (Automatic is a nono!...oops)
Suspension: Pushrod (F&R)
RWD Version: 1523Kg (39% front & 61% rear)
AWD Version: 1598Kg (40% front & 60% rear)

Name: 1992 C-Type V12
Power: 702Hp @ 7100Rpm or 523Kw (Thats a lot of POWEEER)
Redline: 8000Rpm (Wanted to make it higher, but it would lose too much power at the redline)
Bottom End: Aluminium 6719cc 60° V12
Top End: Aluminium DOHC V12
Compression: 11.0.1
Fuel System: Turbo Charged Multi Point EF1 (Would like to make it Twin Turbo Charged one day...)
Economy: 17.80% 432.2 g/kWh

I think the car is pretty good, except for the weight and how the car loses most of its torque and power at high Rpms, but I wanted that engine to SCREAM.

Photos: The version in orange is the RWD, the one in purple is the AWD one. (I know no differences only in stats)

Also, BeamNG.Drive and Automation will receive an update REALLY SOON where you can convert all the cars you made into BeamNG.Drive and actually DRIVE THEM! I will probably make a short vid about the car itself. for now, enjoy them beautiful pictures! (Had to make whole new pictures because Classdev doesnt really like 2160P images? At least for me it didnt allowed it)

And tell me if you find something is not right with the car (Specs, look, anything!), I will try to make it get even better! IM LOVIN' IT!

EDIT: OOPS just noticed that the engine clips the body a bit...happens sometimes
Created on: 3 years ago
Edited on: 3 years ago
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