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3DRad Chronicles
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I thought this will be a good idea to show off.

I have a LOT of unfinished smaller 3DRad projects. And because I see a lot of 3DRad stuff (the forum is kinda about 3drad, duh), and im not really using it anymore, I thought that I will finish one of them, and record the other ones onto video and upload them onto YT as some sort of nostalgia "Showcase".

Im doing this because 95% of the projects are ones you guys have never seen, literally. Because I never upladed them to anywhere really, just to show it to friends, and sometimes onto FB, to kinda make my IT class actually start something with 3DRad, so they can actually start to like stuff like "programming" or "making games". Because they think if they have 100 hours of CS:GO, they are professional computer guys. Im not kidding with this.

I will upload the videos of the projects right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6G8VKqtMRh2mCxxiBTVskg?view_as=subscriber

At first, Ill record games that just need compiling, kinda.
Second will be just kinda finished standalone projects
Third will be stuff tht arent even got to being finished, they are just raw stuff.

Hope you will enjoy these vids!

EDIT: Some of these games are already compiled from before for testing, this makes things easier
Created on: 2 weeks ago
Edited on: 2 weeks ago
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