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3D Rad in 1999
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Hey guys, I've been kinda inactive, and I'll still be inactive for a bit inactive. Personal life is a bit of a mess right now. Anyway, I was browsing around on 3dfoundry.tk, and I decided to download 3D Rad 2.4. It's actually really interesting.

^ It's pretty similar to the current object list, but this takes up the entire screen.

^ I actually like the top menu more than the bubble icons on the recent version. I just don't like the selection circle on this version.

^ You can actually edit the models, which is pretty cool! Also, the model format is .3ds. I don't know why it was changed to .x format, but I wasn't around to know the reason.

^ This is the only demo 3D Rad comes with. It's fun.

^ This is the script editor. The scripts are referred to as the 'brains.'

It's definitely worth the download. But it might not run on most computers. I ran it with Windows 95 compatibility mode, on a Windows XP computer.

LINK: http://3dfoundry.tk/files/ver/3DRAD_24.zip
Created on: 1 month ago
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There's a version of RAD kicking around for DOS too iirc, although it's really basic compared to all of the windows version
Created on: 1 month ago
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The only drawback for me when i found 3drad was it didnt have networking, but it was under development for v4.*, so i waited till that released then bought it.

Also still have v5.2, then 3drad was sold to fernando.

You can get it to work somewhat under win7 , but it's a lot of messing around with settings, and the video is the major problem, it supports only upto 1024x768, fullscreen only. what your computer supports doesn't matter.
Xfiles were an optional model format.
The 3ds files were always a pain to model and texture, even when it worked right, xfiles were the better choice.
Then there were limits to the object count, i think 256 max, or it mite have been 512.. it sounds like a lot, but they disappear quickly and there are few if any options to get around the limits.

The good news, all the previous v4.*  were very stable and i personally only know of one bug involving the collision editor and if you use the last object ( 512th or 256thwhich ever applies ) with collisions, they wont work, all the previous collisions work fine though

I really miss leonard developing 3drad.
Created on: 1 month ago
Edited on: 1 month ago
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