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TorqueBall - Early Showcase!
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Hey there! In the past 1.5 week, I was working on a pretty small but cool game titled "TorqueBall". Its a simple car driving football game, kinda like Rocket League, but as I said, simpler. Soo, how did this all start?

First, I was thinking about two things:
- A multiplayer game, my buddy always tells me I should try to make one. (While he was in the middle of creating one now for the 3rd time :P)
- A new football gamemode for Car Battle.

Yeah, you can say I kinda got an idea from the not so lately released football update for World of Tanks...Uhhh well maybe?

So I told Power "Hey, what do ya think bout this new gamemode idea"? And so he was "Nah bruddha we are making a team shooter here :P Also GIMME A FANTA" (Okay he didnt said that

And then I combined the multiplayer game idea and this and BOOOM! New multiplayer car driving football game! Genius!

And so I began working on the game. I didnt really wanted to make up too big ideas off the line, because then I would get bored. No complicated stuff, gotta keep it simple. And I kinda did for this time. Off course, you cant build the game without needing to fix bug glitches and unfinished stuff, but it comes with making a game, right? So, what you will see in the video I just posted on YouTube, that it IS REALLY unfinished. Models, textures and mechanism are broken. But can be fixed as time goes on! Music aint mine for now, but im working on the soundtrack too, its doing okay so far.

Future ideas for game:
- The car is just a boxy...something. So I will create a car body that kinda looks like a Lancia Stratos. Has a pointy nose, pretty good for bouncing a ball around!
- Maybe a Cops & Robbers gamemode? NAH NAH NAH gotta keep it simple, so this is just and idea.

Thats it I think, cant say anything much else.

If you try out the game, watch out with the Insane/Insane+ graphical settings! Forgot to remove them, as their names say, they are insanely powerful! Not recommended to run the game with them!

YouTube video of the current state of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnOGw3qUhGs&t=0s
You can get it and try it out right over here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cw0RA6q31bmSPdEBnNZY9Z8JFp4Rn39d

You can also check out all the updates that are made to the game so far on my discord here:

Have fun!

Oh yeah, I made the video and the link for the game, because im going on a vacation for ~1 week, so I cant do anything with the game. I cant still post and comment bout stuff here tho!
Created on: 4 months ago
Edited on: 4 months ago
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