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Character select
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So check this out... I have succesfully created a character select for 3drad it works very simply i didnt even have to use any scripts besides the players animagion controls! I will be posting more on this including how i did it and a compiled project to showcase it when i return to my home but i thought it would be awesome to share so until later
Created on: 1 year ago
15 Posts

Ok so project to be ready later (turns out i wont be able to post it for a while)

However i ca. Explain how i created the character select system

Required objects

2 event on value objects
2 counter objects
2 project files
Also 2 event timers
And 2 of your characters
Also 2 Eventoninputs

So first
Add 1 counter object to your menu then open it up inside the cross project field write P1CHAR
And close it
Then add 1 eventonvalue and tell it to monitor the current count of the counterobject then set the value range to min 1 max 1 next add the second eventonvalue and tell it to also monitor the current count of the counter but set the second one to min 2 max 2 for the range then add the skinmeshes of 2 of your characters and make one of them not visible at start attach both skinmeshes to both pf the event values
And in the first eventonvalues properties tell skinmesh1 to show on condition and skinmesh 2 to hide on condition
For the second event on value set skinmesh 1 to hide on condition and skinmesh 2 to show on condition

Now that will make it so when your selecting your character you can see which one youve chosen. But to make it all work here is what to do

So now add 2 eventoninputs and for this example make the first one Left and the second one Right

Now add both eventtiners and set the end time range to min 0.1 max 0.1 for both timers then take the first timer and attach it to the eventoninput and tell the event on input to start on input secondly attach the first timer to the counter and tell the timer to start the counter make sure also that both timers have be n set to not work at start.
Now go into the second tiner tell the Right input to start it and tell the timer to also start the same counter as the first one but tell timer 2 to have 2 repititions also attach the counter to both inputs and make sure its set to Reset on input on both of them
Now just go into a project with both characters add a counter object and in the cross project feild write P1CHAR again and set 2 eventonvalues to it the first eventonvalue to start character 1 and show its skinmesh and make sure that the min and max ranges are set to 1 again and on the second event on value set them both to 2
Now the second event on value should also start / character 2

Have any questions i will haplily answer them
Created on: 1 year ago
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