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#1  With the paypal donate option for support, it doesn't say how much to donate for what level of support we will get in return for that dollar value ?

#2  I find it really hard to reply to messages when the original message i'm replying to aren't visible because the reply box is completely separate from the message thread.
I guess we could open the forum in a second tab to get a reference to the messages... it just seems to need a slightly different forum design for reply's other than a separate solo window.
Created on: 9 months ago
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#1: I realized that after I released the patch. The values are identical with the ones in the pledges on Patreon, so you can check there until I include them in the contribute page itself.

#2: Yes, I have noted that and will definetly think about putting the previous posts somewhere in the posting page
Created on: 9 months ago
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