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Counter object wrapping error?
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so i have this character select menu that uses the counter object to tell the stage project whichc character to give the player and it works like this

i have 4 characters 1 event on input and 1 counter object.. the counter is set to wrap between 0 and 4
when i set it this way i also set the default number to 1 an when the user activates it through the EOI it counts from 1 to 4 ok no issues there but say i wanted 5 characters well the counter object shows its wrapping properly but the player models only cycle between 1 and 3 when its set to wrap on 5... can someone maybe dumb it down for me why this occurs im completely clueless
Created on: 9 months ago
Edited on: 9 months ago
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well the first issue i see is the counter wrapping 0 to 4 ( which = 5, not 4 as you claim) 0 is also a number plus 1 to 4 which = 5.

Id have to test a counter object to be sure it's working that way.. i rarely if ever use the counter object but prefer to do it in script.

But anyway, what you describe sounds more like a script issue or other issue, not the counter it's self....
Created on: 9 months ago
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