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Communication apps
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So i use snapchat, have for a year or twoish..

The last snapchat update SUCKS so bad, i don't know what they were thinking.. i hate it now.

I also have skype, but have it disabled under win10
( if you're curious how to do this... just rename the skype.exe so windows cant find it to run it, any other method doesn't seem to work ).

So browsing the google play store for a new communications app, i find WeChat looks good, i like the options, it also has a desktop app which snapchat doesn't have.  Stoopid thing wont let me create an account, it keeps cycling back to the signup process.

So i decide to install the desktop version, thinking maybe i can signup with it..
NOPE, it only shows a QR code that i need to scan with my phone ( i assume ) to log into the app ( how the hell does the desktop app work if i'm using the phone app to log in.. still has me confused on that...


So i find viber https://www.viber.com/products/windows/
Looks good, i like the options here too, it also has a desktop app.

About the only issue here is , viber reads your phone contacts and adds anyone ( based on phonenumber ) it finds who also use's viber...

NO option to say no to this or turn it off.... major security issue if you ask me..

Also the desktop app does give you the option to sync to the phone app using your phonenumber, thats a pretty nice option.... but it shares all your phone contacts ( syncs ) with your phone, so you end up having your phones whole contact list on your desktop too now... can be viewed as good or bad option !.( really it should ONLY sync actual vibe contacts, not the whole damn list ) ...

So far, i'm liking it..

The next big issue, getting my snapchat contacts to change over... i think i can get 3 to change, but that leaves me with about 30 lost contacts..... not a big problem, most aren't real friends anyway, only snapchat contacts that i don't know in real life.

Annnddd i'm still watching the app marketplace for other options...

Too bad 3drad didn't offer a video sharing option, how about a 3drad chat app... it could be done, but would need a few tricky setup options and 3rd party apps maybe to handle sound video sharing.
Created on: 26 Jan, 2018 (22:00)
Edited on: 26 Jan, 2018 (22:01)
465 Posts

I still have vibe installed on my phone and desktop.. but i've found out that to add contacts you need to share your phone number...

Theres no way in hell i'll be sharing my phone number with people in other countries that i don't even know..

Viber isn't a snapchat replacement.. i'll be uninstalling i'm sure..

But i did find a new app, funny thing, i have used this app before and still have an old account with maybe 20 contacts.. i think when i found snapchat KIK went bye bye...

So now i'm using KIK which is about the closest app to snapchat, and doesn't have any annoying things that i remember.

About the only diff between KIK & snapchat is there is no "disappearing" media shares like snapchat does and made it very popular.

I can live with that.

And KIK also use's a custom QR code to add contacts or a search option by username or ID code. ( you would use the QR code in KIK and take a picture of your contacts QR code on their phone to add them as a contact ) basically the exact same process snapchat also has,  you could also share your own QR code where ever to allow strangers to add you.

KIK also keeps a running chat history, unlike snapchat which deletes after the recipient opens it, or 24hrs after that.
It's really hard to keep a conversation going when you're required to remember what was said previously for all your snapchat contacts...

KIK's i think is the better system, and if they added the option to apply a delete timer to shares, i see no reason why it wouldn't become a popular snapchat replacement.
Created on: 27 Jan, 2018 (07:26)
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